About us

Educabrains is a project jointly created by iteNlearning and Edujoy, two leading companies in the field of education and science applied to the cognitive neurodevelopment of children from 2 to 6 years old.

Our goal is to create educational applications that promote adaptive and fun learning through gamification, based on science and validated systems.

Educabrains Math

About iteNlearning

iteNlearning is an R+D+i company dedicated to the research and development of validated educational technologies based on scientific evidence. Through the study of Cognitive Sciences (Neurosciences, Epistemology, Cognitive Psychology, Linguistics), which study brain development, and Advanced Information and Computing Technologies (AI and TAC) iteNlearning has developed Professional Educational Instruments as a result of Convergence Scientific-Technological, a solution already validated and based on evidence.

This allows an improvement of the teaching-learning processes as well as contributing to the bridging of the educational gap (equal access to learning opportunities), offering learning experiences adapted to the needs and characteristics of each student, in order to be able to to build knowledge from their interaction with them.

The objective of iteNlearning is to allow each student to reach their Optimal Neurodevelopment, regardless of their socio-economic and cultural background, and in an economically viable way.

About Edujoy

Edujoy is a company specialized in the development of educational apps and games for babies and children. It has more than 70 applications published for Android and iOS devices, with more than 400 million users in countries around the world.

Edujoy's mission is to create conceptual applications, focusing on contributing to the education and cognitive development of children through entertaining, safe and creative content. All games are created to find the best way to teach and educate through pleasant designs and an intuitive learning process for children of all ages and cultures.

Currently, it collaborates with international well-known brands aimed at children with the aim of bringing educational and entertainment content to millions of children, parents and educational centers in more than 35 countries.